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March 3, 2017

Thomas Bolton, Younes Farouj, and Anjali Tarun contributed to the BrainHack Global 2017 event in Zürich with the hands-on session Dynamic Functional Connectivity for Dummies.

November 28, 2016

Yury Koush has been awarded the Vasco Sanz Fund Award 2016 for his post-doctoral work on neurofeedback based on real-time fMRI.

July 16, 2015

Using total-activation deconvolution, Isik Karahanoglu and Dimitri Van De Ville have shown the existence of large-scale distributed functional networks that overlap both in space and time. This work has been published in Nature Communications. (see press release)

February 2, 2012
Dimitri Van De Ville has been awarded with Juliane Britz the 2012 Pfizer Research Award for their work on The resting brain: a well-organized chaos with fractal structure, based on their publication in PNAS.

June 2013
The paper Total activation: fMRI deconvolution through spatio-temporal regularization has been awarded the NeuroImage Editors' Choice Award. First author Isik Karahanoglu received the award during the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the OHBM 2013 in Seattle.

July, 2012
Romain Pirson, Erasmus exchange student at MIP:lab, has been awarded the Best Master Thesis Award from the 'Association des ingénieurs de l'Université de Liège' for his Master Thesis Hybrid anatomical and data-driven techniques for functional connectivity estimation.

March, 2016

The team of Dr. Arnaud Saj (HUG), Dr. Andrea Serino (EPFL), and Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville has been awarded the Leenaards Award 2016 for their project on neurofeedback for rehabilitation in stroke patients with spatial neglect.

More information and video.

September, 2015
Markus Gschwind's work on Long-range dependencies make the difference was featured on the coverpage of NeuroImage, volume 117.

August 8-12, 2015
The Wavelets and Sparsity XVI conference, part of the Wavelets Series Conferences has taken place again Aug 8-12, 2015, in San Diego CA (Dimitri is general co-chair together with Vivek Goyal, MIT; and Manos Papadakis, UHouston). Thanks to all the participants for making the 2015 edition a great success. (picture above from the XV edition in 2013)

November 26, 2013

Isik Karahanoglu has been awarded the Vasco Sanz Fund Award 2013 for her PhD work on Total Activation.

April, 2010

Jonas Richiardi has been awarded the Volker-Henn Best Poster Award for his work Inter-subject brain state decoding by classification of fMRI functional connectivity graphs.

January, 2012

Nora Leonardi has been awarded the Brain Topography Best Poster Award at the Alpine Brain Imaging Meeting for her work Scan-by-scan decoding of cognitive states from fMRI data using whole-brain functional connectivity.