BrainHack Global 2017

BrainHack Zürich, 03.03.2017

Dynamic Functional Connectivity for Dummies

For the first time this year, Zürich hosted an event from the world-wide BrainHack initiative, whose general topic was the presentation of neuroimaging data analysis tools for reproducible neuroscience.

The event was concluded by a session on dynamic functional connectivity (dFC) contributed by three MIP:Lab members: Anjali Tarun, Younes Farouj and Thomas Bolton. It consisted in a theoretical introduction on dFC covering traditional and innovative analytical directions, and in a hands-on part where attendants could try and apply a subset of dFC tools on their own.

The session is heavily inspired on the following review paper:
M. G. Preti, T. Bolton, D. Van De Ville, "The dynamic functional connectome: State-of-the-art and perspectives", NeuroImage, in press.

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