Yury Koush

Post-doc (2012-2016)

Yury Koush is a postdoctoral fellow working in real-time fMRI neurofeedback methodology and its several research and clinical applications. Yury’s interests include neural mechanisms underlying positive emotion regulation as well as practical and methodological aspects of the effective, functional and anatomical connectivity. He is also working on gradient-echo and spin-echo echo-planar imaging and its optimization for neurofeedback at 3T and 7T MR scanners.

Yury obtained his PhD from the RWTH Aachen University, Germany in 2012 under the joint supervision of professors Klaus Mathiak (RWTH Aachen) and Mark A. Elliott (University of Pennsylvania, USA). During his PhD he was primarily working on improving signal quality of the real-time fMRI signal and developing the novel neurofeedback methodology at 7T and 3T MR scanners based on the single voxel water proton spectroscopy, gradient-echo and spin-echo acquisitions.

For his list of publications see (PubMed) and (Google Scholar).