Miljan Petrovic


               Miljan Petrovic joined MIP:lab in April 2018 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dimitri Van de Ville, and is affiliated with EPFL and Electrical Engineering Doctoral School. His research goal is blurring the line between signal processing on graphs and network science. It focuses on developing efficient methods for both exploring network structure and performing data analysis on graph representation of networks. The main challenge is to benefit from Slepian functions and exploratory network methods, in order to build a theoretical and practical framework for simultaneous localization of graph signals in both vertex and frequency domain.

               Miljan obtained BSc and MSc in electrical engineering and computing at Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis, Serbia, with a strong background in signal processing. His master thesis was „Realization of Digital filters with short wordlength”, for which an implementation structure was derived allowing filter designs with higher attenuation in the stopband than standardized forms. In the domain of applied signal processing, Miljan has also worked on ECG preprocessing and processing, heart rate variability analysis, and exploring baroreflex fluctuations.