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I am a physicist by training, turned into a computational neuroscientist during my PhD and Postdoctoral research. After earning my Master's in Physics in 2012 from Federico II University in Napoli, Italy, I decided to follow my passion for the scientific study of consciousness. I enrolled in a joint PhD program between the Coma Science Group of Prof. Steven Laureys, University of Liège, and the Marinazzo Lab at the University of Ghent, Belgium. During my four years there as a PhD student I mainly focused on implementing new methods for brain connectivity assessment across levels of consciousness. In 2016 I joined the CONNplexity Lab  (headed by Prof. Joaquín Goñi) as a Postdoctoral researcher, where I made contributions on proposing new network science models for functional and structural brain connectomics.

I am currently an SNSF Ambizione Fellow at EPFL and University of Geneva, where I am Principal Investigator on different research lines in brain networks and brain connectomics (see slides above, or check my Google Scholar profile).


Brain Connectomics: network science for brain data

Brain Connectomics is a rapidly growing area of research. It is based on the investigation of functional and structural connections in the human brain, modeled as networks. Structural connections between brain region pairs are modeled from diffusion-weighted imaging data, normally denominated as structural connectome or structural connectivity. Functional connections are modeled from functional magnetic resonance imaging data, by measuring temporal statistical dependences between brain region pairs, usually defined as functional connectivity or functional connectome.

The analysis of brain networks has recently risen thanks to the development of new imaging acquisition methods as well as new tools from graph theory and dynamical systems. Examining human brain connectivity data offers new insights on how the integration and segregation of information in the brain relates to human behavior, and how this organization may be altered in neurological diseases and disorders.


Job openings

I currenty do not have job openings. However, I am always on the lookout for funding opportunities to hire enthusiastic PhD students/Postdocs. If you would like to join my group or if you are looking for collaborations/co-supervision, please send an email to enrico.amico@epfl.ch.

If you are a Master student at EPFL/University of Geneva, here is the list of projects you could do under my supervision.




  • Prof Joaquín Goñi, CONNplexity Lab, Purdue University
  • Prof. Daniele Marinazzo, Ghent University
  • Prof. Steven Laureys, Coma Science Group, University of Liège 
  • Dr. Federico Battiston, Central European University
  • Dr. Carol Di Perri, University of Southampton
  • Dr. Athena Demertzi, University of Liège
  • Prof. Dante Mantini, KU Leuven and San Camillo Hospital, Venice
  • Prof Dimitri Van DeVille, MIP:LAB, EPFL and University of Geneva
  • Dr. Kepa Paz-Alonso, Basque Center for Brain and Language
  • Prof. Olaf Sporns, Indiana University
  • Prof. David Kareken, Alcohol Research Center, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Prof. Alex Arenas, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Prof. Jan Ramaekers, Maastricht University 
  • Dr. Giovanni Petri, ISI Foundation