Completed projects

Hall of fame of MIP:lab student projects


Completed diploma/master projects

  • Giorgio Policella, EPFL, 2015-2016: Exploring the Hilbert phase of dynamic functional connectivity to characterize Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Efe Karabeyli, EPFL, 2015-2016 (at Harvard Medical School, Prof. C-F Westin): Sparse approximation in diffusion MRI
  • Nicolas Gninenko, EPFL, 2015-2016: High-quality 3-D movie reconstruction of spontaneous brain activity
  • Umair Javaid, EPFL, Spring 2015: Sparse PCA for characterizing dynamic functional connectivity patterns
  • Davide Zanchi, UniGE, 2014-2015: Study of brain activation and functional connectivity in craving in (ex-)smokers
  • Chiara Musimeci, EPFL, 2014: EEG microstates based on dictionary-learning algorithms
  • Olga Katanaeva, UniGE, 2013-2014: Hemispherical symmetry of resting-state networks in ADHD
  • Thomas Zuppetti, UniGE, 2013: The restless brain: study of brain oscillations using magnetoencephalography
  • Carlos Correa Shokiche, UniGE, 2012: Multivariate extension for wavelet-based statistical parametric mapping
  • Ahmed Abdulkadir, EPFL, 2012: Optimal graph embeddings for structural connectivity decoding
  • Romain Pirson, EPFL, 2012: Hybrid anatomical/data-driven atlasing techniques for improved connectivity decoding
  • Vagia Tsiminaki, EPFL, 2011: Wave-based analytic sensing and its applications
  • Jose Antonio Lopez Moreno, EPFL, 2011: Normalization of connectivity measures for the analysis of resting state fMRI
  • Maryna Babayeva, EPFL, 2011: Compressed sensing for accelerated diffusion magnetic resonance imaging

Completed semester projects and lab immersions

  • Helena Casco Garcia, Master, University of Bonn, 2016
  • Nemanja Masal, EPFL, 2015
  • Pablo Garcia, EPFL, 2015
  • Livio Ruzzante, EPFL, 2015
  • Jeremy Hofmeister, UniGE, 2013-2015
  • Laube Priscilla, EPFL, 2015
  • Anahita Talebi, EPFL, 2015
  • Anna Vybornova, EPFL, 2015
  • Elisa Monaco, UniGE, 2014-2015: Hyper-functional connectivity in couples during emotional task
  • Alessandro Cavinato, EPFL, 2014
  • Marta Comino, EPFL, 2014
  • Hanna Nowicka, EPFL, 2014
  • Xavier Bays, EPFL, 2014
  • Mahe Fellay, EPFL, 2014
  • Alessandro Cavinato, EPFL, 2014: Advanced multivariate analysis to investigate relationships between functional neuroimaging and behavioral measures
  • Thomas Vetterli, EPFL, 2014: Phantom design for magnetic resonance spectrum imaging using 3-D printing
  • Jean-Guillaume Guex, EPFL, 2014: Decoding functional connectivity in the brain during subject-driven cognitive states
  • Soraya Aouad, EPFL, 2014: Laser Doppler imaging of blood oxygenation in human skin
  • Shahine Ramdjee, EPFL, 2013: Improvements of Laser Doppler Imaging technique for medical applications
  • Yannik Messerli, EPFL, 2013: Sampling and reconstruction of signals with finite-rate-of-innovation on the sphere
  • Nicolas Gninenko, EPFL, 2013: Spatiotemporal regularization of brain data from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • Nicholas Mulchan, EPFL, 2012: Connectivity in the brain at resting state using high field and accelerated functional MRI
  • Hamid Behjat, EPFL, 2012
  • Ahmed Abdulkadir, EPFL, 2011: Data adaptation for transfer learning in multi-centric functional neuroimaging studies
  • Veronica Andrade, EPFL, 2011: Learning about the brain using the connectomes database
  • Gabriel Cuendet, EPFL, 2011: Multidimensional random walk embedding of EEG microstate sequences
  • Elena Najdenovska, EPFL, 2011: Graph wavelets for adapted domains in image processing
  • Dat Nguyen, EPFL, 2010: Preprocessing of elderly handwriting for early diagnostic support in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Manuel Wuetrich, EPFL, 2010: Benchmark for brain atlases
  • Vagia Tsiminaki, EPFL, 2010: Analytic sensing for systems governed by the wave equation