When we take a break

MIP:excursion to the Jura Canton

The bravest MIP:lab members during our lab outing in the Jura Canton of Switzerland (September 2017). After tasting the best beer in the world at the Brasserie Franches-Montagnes, we had a fantastic picnic at the Lake of Gruère in the late-Summer sun. From left to right: Manuela Da Silva, Lorena Freitas, Anjali Tarun, Nawal Kinany, Nicolas Gninenko, Maria Giulia Preti, Elvira Pirondini, Thomas Bolton, Dimitri Van De Ville, Yasaman Izadmehr.

MIP:greetings for Lorena & Ben

The MIP:crew is sending their warmest congratulations to Lorena & Ben for their wedding on Saturday August 26, 2017.


The MIP:lab members during our colorful lab outing celebrating end-of-year (November 2016). Mind the ties! From left to right, bottom: Valeria Kebets, Anaïs Haget, Michal Bola, Luca Dodero, Stefano Moia, Maria Giulia Preti, Anjali Tarun, Lorena Freitas, Thomas Bolton, Nawal Kinany; top: Nahgmeh Ghazaleh, Isabel Barradas, Nicolas Gninenko, Merel Van der Thiel, Dimitri Van De Ville, Ilya Grygoryev, Yasaman Izadmehr, Manuela Da Silva.

MIP:greetings for Zafer & Asli

The MIP:crew is sending their warmest congratulations to Zafer & Asli for their wedding on Saturday August 20, 2016.

MIP:excursion to Expo Milano

The MIP:lab members during our lab outing at Expo Milano (October 2015). From left to right: Valeria Kebets, Hamid Behjat, Daniela Zöller, Dimitri Van De Ville, Djalel Meskaldji, Zafer Dogan, Manuela Da Silva, Giulia Preti, Luca Dodero, Kirsten Emmert, Thomas Bolton, Ruth Fiaux, Naghmeh Ghazaleh.

MIP:excursion to river Aare

The bravest MIP:lab members during our lab outing before rafting down the river Aare from Thun to Berne (August 2014). From left to right: Dimitri Van De Ville, Kirsten Emmert, Davide Zanchi, Isik Karahanoglu, Giulia Preti, Elena Migacheva, Hanna Nowicka, Romain Chion, Jeff Kasten, Chiara Musimeci, Jeremy Hofmeister, Djalel Meskaldji, Valeria Kebets.

MIP:excursion at the village of Luins

The most culinary MIP:lab members during our wine and Malakoff tasting in Luins (August 2013). From left to right: Zafer Dogan, Yury Koush, Giulia Preti, Isik Karahanoglu, Maxima Van De Ville, Frank Scharnowski, Elena Migacheva, Dimitri Van De Ville, Ruth Fiaux.

MIP:squad in action

Having fun at the EPFL campus. Movie made at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Institute for Bioengineering, 2013. Directed by Jeffrey A. Kasten.

MIP:excursion to the saltmines of Bex

The most adventurous MIP:lab members during our lab outing at the saltmines of Bex before entering the underground (August 2012). From left to right: Ahmed Abdulkadir, Isik Karahanoglu, Jeffrey Kasten, Nora Leonardi, Zafer Dogan, Jonas Richiardi, Ruth Fiaux, Dimitri Van De Ville.