About us

The Medical Image Processing Lab (MIP:Lab) is headed by Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville. The lab is jointly between the EPFL (School of EngineeringNeuro-X Institute) and the University of Geneva (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics).

At MIP:Lab, we pursue the development and integration of innovative data-processing tools at various stages of the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation pipeline of neuroimaging data, in particular, using (functional) magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, and optical techniques. We aim at obtaining new insights into brain function & dysfunction by approaches that are based on modeling the brain as a network and as a dynamical system.

These new signatures of brain function are promising to interpret and predict cognitive and clinical conditions. In that sense, we want to go beyond mapping the brain and contribute to the ongoing quest to ultimately find...

"... a way of looking at activity in real time, essentially at the speed of thought, so you're able to capture what's activated when and how that's connected in a way that's sufficient for behavior."
— Dr. Thomas Insel, Director National Institute of Mental Health (2015)

Job openings

We have regularly job openings for post-doctoral fellows and PhD students.